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Internet Service

To simplify information technology for our customers by removing cost and complexity

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Connect Internet

ConnectBD was formed at the turn of the millennium to offer consumers a more productive and enjoyable Internet experience, from the most affordable VSAT connectivity to the most sophisticated on-line support in the business. ConnectBD aims at providing fastest and technically sound Internet connectivity by using the most advanced and reliable equipment available.

ConnectBD Ltd. has designed their network infrastructure into three layers; from top these are Border Network, Core Network and Access Network. Each of these network layers has device level redundancy including BW Manager and Power. From Access layer switch ConnectBD Ltd distributes bandwidth to different portion of the networks and serves clients.

The company is offering Internet service through Dial-up Prepaid and Postpaid system, Narrowband Internet through cable and Broadband Internet through Fiber, Radio Link and DSL.